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Micro bubbles are formed and grow in liquid under the oscillatory influence of rarefaction(negative pressure) and compression(positive pressure) zones with in ultrasonic waves radiating from LIPO-X COOL.

Micro bubbles grow to a size that cannot be sustained any longer and implode as releasing a shock wave. The size of micro bubbles is bigger, the bigger influences the shock wave gives. Such shock waves disintegrate adipose tissue and these fat cells turn into a liquid substance which would be removed through lymphatic vessels and urine.

Acoustic cavitation occurs whenever a liquid is subjected to sufficiently intense sound or ultrasound (frequencies of 20 kHz up to10 MHz).

When sound passes through a liquid, it consists of expansion waves (negative pressure) and compression waves (positive pressure). If the intensity of the sound field is high enough, it can cause the formation, growth, and rapid recompression of vapor bubbles in the liquid. negative-positive- it

The implosive bubble collapse generates localized heating , a pressure pulse, and associated high energy chemistry. heating, high-energy chemistry


1. Optimal auto-programmed cavitation system. (Pulse - intensity)

2. Powerful cavitation with Cryo Treatment for better slimming effect.

3. Large sized probe.

4. Non invasive and extremely safe.

5. Possible to use Cavitation, Cooling function separately.

6. Smooth treatment feeling with Cryo

7. Cooling / Hot Mode available separately for Post case of laser or Pain Relief.

8. Great combination effects with suction machine.

9. Easy to operate with full touch screen


- Body contouring.
- Body toning.
- Cellulite removal.
- Localized fat removal.
- cooling function available for post care, again after laser treatment.



ULTRACAV  Touch Mobile (Medical Cavitation)

Ultracav Mobile is the equipment for medical aesthetic applications with Medical Certification, specific for cavitation ultrasound treatments. 


  • Cellulite,
  • Localised adiposity,
  • Localised fat,
  • Post-liposuction beauty problems,
  • Body reshaping,
  • Decrease in the orange peel effect and elimination of  adipose fibrous nodules of cellulite,
  • Oxygenation and revitalisation of asphyxiated skin,
  • Decrease in localised adiposity,
  • Drainage of stagnating fluids,
  • Reactivation of peripheral circulation of districts,
  • Absorption of revitalising or lypolitic active principles,
  • Improvement of tissue tonus and elasticity.

  • Features

  • DESK version case,
  • 1 output channel,
  • 25 cm2 applicator,
  • Smart Card included 
  • Touch-screen display
  • • Color touch screen display 6”
  • • Pre-set protocols
  • • Smart Card
  • • Ergonomic handle, light and easy to use
  • • Software Update


Treatment with ULTRACAV:
• It is not invasive
• It is not painful
• The application does not require any kind
of anesthesia before of treatment
• The patient can immediately return to social life