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RAFOS Radio Frequency Aesthetic Machine


1. Infra-red thermal sensor for automatic thermal control


2. High intensity modes for stable and effective operation at the highest intensity level.


3. Automatic electrode recognition system to recognize the type of electrode being used


4. Wide 5 inch LCD display for user friendly interface


5. Various electrodes provided


6. Storage shelf for accesories provided


7. Optional cart available





It has higher power than the bipolar one, and allows a homogeneous
warming of deep tissues of derma up to the adipose tissues.
Thanks to this characteristic, the monopolar radiofrequency is
suited to treat the body that, tank to the deep stress, responds
quickly to treatments.

• Reactivation of micro-circulation,

acceleration of metabolism, tissue oxiygenation

• Synthesis of new collagen

• Smoothing wrinkles

• After lifting treatment

• Face and neck rejuvenation

• Skin laxity of face and body

• Treatment of stretch marks

• Treatment of cellulite

Med Mono (Medical Radiofrequency)

Rf Med Mono is a MONOPOLAR radiofrequency equipment with Medical Certification.

The equipment features an applicator with 6 inserts of various diameters for different treatments, a return plate, medical protocols and updatable software.

  • Tones up tissues,
  • Fights back cellulite blemishes,
  • Reduces fat,
  • Reshapes your body.
  • RF Med Mono delivers even greater results, thanks to the higher power emitted.

    Monopolar radiofrequency is recommended when treating water retention, cellulite and localised fat. It is applied with an electrode and a return plate to be placed under the shoulder or the thigh, providing maximum adherence surface.

    Results can be seen after the first session.

    How does it work?

    Monopolar radiofrequency has been applied successfully for many years in the beauty sector. This technology uses the passage of electrons in the body to generate an increase in tissue temperature up to 44°.

    Radiofrequency does not transmit heat to the body, in fact it induces it with the energy conveyed.

    In order to obtain the best results from the treatment, the electrode and return plate must adhere to the body. A specific counductive cream is applied on the electrode and return plate. The different sizes of the electrodes make it easy to treat any part of the body.

    The software of Rf Med Mono offers many treatment protocols to treat different conditions, like cellulites and skin laxity.

    Technical Data